Friday, September 5, 2008


This is a warning to anyone who thinks they can cross the legal line and get away with it! No, I have not crossed that line but I know about the consequences from others experiences. I have crossed other lines though and so I too qualify for this message.

When you get caught beware! You will find that your sins will be turned back onto you through the "Justice" system. You will be married to the DOC for your entire sentence and maybe longer! You will be lied to, and conned by those who despise you. Your family will suffer the same treatment even though they have not committed any crime. You can be sure your life will be a living hell, that causes you to become the prey of people who think themselves righteous. It is an ugly life.

In all of this you must also know that if you do not get caught here you will still suffer the consequences. The only hope any sinner has is in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you admit you are a sinner and you would like to have the hope He brings, let me know and I'll share some really good news with you!
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