Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Choice

When it comes to my everyday individual choices,I seldom consider how my choice will affect others. I do not consider what has been dubbed butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is a theory that even the soft beating of a butterfly wing will cause the air to stir in such a way as to ripple out and cause major changes in the world. But, I find that I am too selfish to consider long range consequences to others. I am even too concerned for my pleasure or comfort of the moment to consider that what I choose may change many lives.

In my experience I find that it is only when I am hit head on with the consequence of my actions or of others random choices that I stop for a moment and think through my choices.

I guess it comes down to this: our lives do matter. Our presence in the world and the actions we choose do matter to others. Our being invited into existence by the uniting of two cells changes the world. It is our choice to make in how we change it. Over our life time we all, make poor choices. We all make unwise decisions. Even if we live trying to always do right , we will fall short.

We do have hope even in our fallen state. God alone is totally good. He offers us the opportunity to change every bad thing in our life to our good. Letting Him connect to us everyday has a much more powerful butterfly effect and it is all for our good!
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