Monday, September 1, 2008

A Graced Labor Day

I watched my two grandaughters put on a water show for Labor Day. Tricks, jumps, and Shamu splashes brought smiles, laughter, and much praise! It was a delightful show!

We, the audience, were not the only ones to be delighted. Paige and Brooke were delighted to be the focus of our attention. They grinned, laughed and tried to think up more tricks to keep us from calling it a day. Their enthusiasm for celebrating every day can sometimes be tiring, but today it was inviting. They brought us into their fun and even allowed us to do our own "tricks."

Memories were made today. Brooke calling out to Marley, the dog as he ran out to the back yard, "You're free!" Paige running over to baby Scott over and over and asking "How is Scott doing?" Uncle Joe and Momma Erin doing cartwheels with the girls. Pappy touching his nose with each finger as his trick. Grommers touching her toes, and the rest bowing out of the games. Being together was a treat for the heart and a lift for our spirits.

Tomorrow promises to be a day of prayer. It will be a day when our faith will be tested. But today was a day of unity and sunshine and blessing. We will be strong tomorrow because we have had our Labor Day graced with the simple faith of children!

Thank you, Lord, for whatever You bring us tomorrow. You are good all the time and we place our hope and trust in You alone!
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