Thursday, September 18, 2008

Made New

My body is growing older, but my spirit is renewed every day. I like becoming new. I don't like getting old.

I guess getting old has its blessings, but it sometimes gets over shadowed with the not so great experiences. Growing old in American culture is not an honor. The quest to look young and hide the aging process does not suit me, but I am beginning to think that in order for my wisdom and experiences to be accepted I must hide my age. It makes me sad because I treasure the wisdom God has shown me over the years. It seems it would be easy to advertise that wisdom if I looked the part.

I am surprised that the renewal process also has its ups and downs. When my spirit needs repair from my wayward choices it can be painful to submit to the reconstruction, renovation projects that God builds into my life. It takes discipline and hard work to surrender to His will, but I like the end result. I am refreshed and rejuvenated. I am ready for the next challenge.

As my body heads toward wearing down my spirit is creatively made new. The Creator is making this old woman new!
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