Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Season

We are now full into the holiday season. It is called a holiday season for good reason. The days between Thanksgiving and January 6 (Celebration of the Magi's visit) is a continuous stream of special times commemorating God's presence in our world. It is a season for us to focus on our relationship to God and each other. Of course this should carry on throughout the year but we renew our commitment during this special time.

It is a "holiday" season not because of vacation or a rest from our work. It is a holiday because it is a season of holy days. In fact the word holiday stems from "holy day." For this reason I am not offended to say "Happy Holidays!" I enjoy reminding others that it is a holy season.

Could it be that my life season should also be a "Holiday?" Can I make of my life a season of holiness, where I give glory and honor to the Holy One? I pray my life will be a celebration of Jesus and His work in and through me. Day by day may I walk in a holy season of celebration!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Many people have been an encouragement and aid to me as I have traveled through time. There was a time when I tried to list everyone who had touched my life even briefly. Impossible task though it was, it did make me aware of the connection I have with all people and the influence I may have on others.

I began my list with my birth and never got further than that. In my birth we begin with my Mom and Dad, but with them came a host of relatives and others who had been instrumental in my parents' marriage. I could go on into the far past with my life being touched by those who had poured a little bit of their lives into mine even though I was far removed from them.

Because of the overwhelming number of people I could not name that gently moved to help me be who I am today, I decided to limit the list to those whom I could name. That too became overwhelming. Doctors, friends, school mates, priests and nuns, were only a few I could name.

The lesson is that we are not an island alone in a sea of unending horizons. We are influenced, helped, loved, and molded by those around us and by those who influence the people who touch us! Complicated? Yes. The beauty of it all lies in our Great and awesome Father who has provided this vast array of personalities, colors, ages and beliefs to reveal Himself to us!

Thank You, Father, for allowing the touch of others to push me closer to You!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I find myself complaining alot these days. It seems to me that evil is running rampant and there is always something happening to family and friends that just does not seem right. Celebrating a day of Thanksgiving is a good reminder that there is much good that surrounds us. There is good to be seen in every circumstance.

Giving thanks for the good we have should be done on a regular basis, and though I complain more than I used to, I also give thanks to God more often during my day. When I see evil or experience hardship, I turn to God for help and He is always ready to guide, comfort and deliver me. For all of His work in my life I am Thankful!

Gratitude floods my being as I remember my one and only Gods' kindness and generous love, mercy and grace towards me. Life, love, beauty, joy, hope, and so much more! He gives and I am filled

I pray you enjoy a fullness of gratitude in your hearts. May your thankful hearts overflow to others in generosity.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A virus has invaded most everyone in the family. We are praying and offering TLC so that our Thanksgiving feast will be a celebration instead of a group of miserable feeling individuals who cna't get together on this special day.

The invasion is in full swing but we will survive. Heal us O Lord! Grant us the joy of giving You thanks together as a family!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Big God!

How big is my God?

He reveals Himself in much bigger ways than I expect. I must admit I sometimes limit God to the minor everyday miracles. He always seems to be able to help me find my keys or to give me peace in a difficult situation. I admit, though, that there are times when I glimpse His Bigness! I cannot fathom even a small portion of His immense glory but being a witness to that piece is humbling, inspiring, awesome and mind-blowing!

The question I need to ask myself is why I limit God in the in-between. Why do I fail to believe He can make a difference in my life for those mid-sized problems, dreams or goals? Good question but I don't really have any real answers. I need to color in my belief to include those heal-my-hurts, open-the-doors-to-my-dreams, or fix-my-relationship problems. He can do it! He is able because He is big enough to create a diverse and magnificent universe, flood the earth or part the seas. He is not too big to reveal where I left my keys or send a friend to lift my spirits. He is ready to reach out to me in the big and small things as well as everything in between!

My big God fits inside my heart!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Partnering with God is an experience that can leave you speechless and fill you with awe!

In a special project our family cooperated with God. We did a lot of work. Our plan included expectations that we thought were reasonable. God exceeded those expectations giving us seven times what we envisioned! WOW!

Today as I sat down and looked at the results I was totally in awe of what God can dowith our cooperation and miniscule offerings. Our family has had a loaves and fishes miracle. We emptied ourselves and in turn we have been filled with HIM! He is our treasure and our delight. He is our reward and joy.

In the next few weeks we will complete our project and those who receive will be blessed, but we will carry our blessing for a lifetime. God is a prosperous business partner. I want to work with Him every day!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Within a cocoon, a caterpillar is transformed. Mysteriously a hairy looking, fat worm that slowly marches toward a feast of leaves at the top of the tree, changes form. Little resemblance is found between the sleek and beautifully winged butterfly and its former self.

When the time is right God instructs the tiny caterpillar to build a protective covering around himself. Then the little caterpillar goes to sleep while God perfects who the little butterfly was always meant to be. Finally the struggle begins. The butterfly is awakened and pushes and stretches till the cocoon breaks open and the butterfly is free to fly away!

Could it be that I, too, am living the process of the butterfly? Could I be struggling to finally be free of my old way of doing things? I want that to be the case. I want to find a new way of being who I really am!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Partisan Politics

Last weekend I had a talk with someone who is "on the other side of the aisle" from me in their views of political issues. Though I only was able to state that I did not agree with the policies of the newly elected president Obama I was confronted with an earful of accusations. I listened to the tirade and then made another benign statement, or so I thought. The conversation ended abruptly and certainly not on good terms.

Since having that talk I am not surprised that our congress cannot come to agreement on the issues and needs of the people. Even if some are willing to listen with respect to another point of view, there will always be those who demand their own way to be the only right course of action. Sessions of the legislature must be fraught with emotion. I can only envision it as an angry place.

Prayer for our leaders should awaken in us the need to hear the other side with respect. We should speak carefully without demanding the other person to agree without laying both sides on the table in a joint effort of seeking the best way to live peaceful, quiet lives in godliness and holiness.

There can be no law against love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Spirit of the Living God, fill us afresh and guide our leaders into a holy and godly unity.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let Us Pray!

Praying for our leaders is commanded by God. How should we pray? There is a scripture that tells us not only to pray but how to pray.

I Timothy 2:2 tells us that we are to pray, "that we may live peaceful and quiet lives, in all godliness and holiness." The question arises, what do we need in order to live peaceful, quiet, godly and holy lives?

Our authorities must protect us from foreign enemies, keep watch over us by reining in those who would do evil, give us freedom to toil and strive for prosperity, allow us to worship without restraint, and protect our God given rights. In all of that I believe that our leaders must live their lives and rule with our values. But, even so, we must pray. God is sovereign over all and He will direct our lives in peace, and holiness.

Prayer will bring us peace in our hearts and quiet our thoughts so we might see Gods' workings. Prayer will connect us with the God who sent His Spirit into us and teaches us the ways of godly and holy living.

Let us pray!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Deeper Still?

One of my deepest desires is to connect with people. I try very hard but it seems that I don't do as good a job with it as I want to do.

I don't want to talk over the weather, or frivolous activities. I want to really know people. I know I can't do that with everyone, but it seems that family would be a good place to start. I guess what I want is to have safe and sane discussions about who the person is and what they stand for. Not an easy task when our emotions get in the way.

Like my sister tells me all the time: Shallow is good! To which I respond: But can't we go just a little deeper?

The desire of my heart is fulfilled in Jesus! He lets me dive in and go as deep as I want! He is a deep well of experience and person hood that delights me! I am just waiting for another to come with me into His depths so we can share. It needs to be someone safe, where I can reveal my heart. They must also be sane, truly seeking truth. This will be a person of accountability, fun, and spiritual pursuits.

Maybe I ask too much. Maybe God is enough!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anti Abortion-Pro Choice?

Yesterday I had a conversation that was puzzling to me. The person I spoke with claimed that they were anti abortion, but also pro choice. I still have not understood how the two can be compatible, but here is the reasoning: They claim that abortion is murder, but every woman has a choice because it is her body to do with as she wants.

Yes, abortion is murder. It is the taking of a life. I believe that, and it seems I agree on this point with the one with whom I conversed. However, I do not agree that every woman has the right to commit murder if she does not want the baby in her womb.

I guess I should clarify that the conversation I had was with a person who claims to believe in God and follow His commands as written in the scriptures. In this regard we should be on the same page when deciding what is sin and what is not.

To hear this persons' viewpoint shocked me. This person went on to say that God had given us all free will and so every woman should be able to decide for herself what she wants for her body. I also agree that God has given us free will. He allows us the choice to follow Him or not. We are free to sin, but as a Christian I believe that purposefully embracing sin is tantamount to shaking a fist in Gods' face (even if it is my own choice to embrace a sin!). I also believe that God has defined what is sin, not man. It is Gods' parameters we must live within. I cannot decide for myself what is right or wrong.

Here are my thoughts: Just because a woman has a choice of what to do with her body, does not give her the right to choose for another human being (even an unborn baby). Her baby's body is not hers. She cannot choose death for that person. There was a choice that the woman made before the egg was fertilized. A woman who practices sex without regard to consequences (except in the case of rape or incest) should not be surprised that her body is found to be of use for someone other than herself. Her lack of self control in one area of her life should not reverse itself when she wants to control the situation in light of a pregnancy.

The bottom line to me is this: As Christians we must place Gods' will above our own. He has asked us to choose life and has commanded us to not murder. We cannot be against abortion and still be pro choice. "If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. " I John 1:8

I am sorry if my stand seems judgemental. I stand firm in making the choice to believe the truth of Gods' word and I will follow it. I believe that God is wholly good and only gives boundaries for our benefit. You have a choice. I cannot force you to believe as I do. In the same light you may not force me to change my mind. Our disagreement will change our relationship, but it will not change my love for you.

Can a changed relationship still be loving and peaceful? I will find out in the days ahead.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Worship is the relationship between Gods' revelation of Himself to us and our response back to Him. As we are filled with the revelation of God we must act on that revelation giving God worship.

Sovereign God, I am looking for a fresh revelation of You. Open my eyes that I might see Your glory! Open my ears that I might hear a new word! Let me feel Your touch and flood me with Your presence! Cause me to fall face down in worship of You!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New Day

Today begins a new effort in winning back the moral values and rich inheritance of our beloved country.

It is a time for prayer. We must pray for Obama and all the men and women who are in leadership over our country. It is not a time for in fighting. We fight against unseen forces and not the men who are swayed or directed by them. It is most important for us to keep our eyes on God and trust Him in all things.

It is a time for action and speaking out. Christians have long since been too quiet. We have believed the lie that being a Christian means we have no voice, because of the separation of church and state. We must learn about the issues and talk about them with knowledge and understanding in light of our view of the world.

It is a new day. After two days of cloudy weather we awoke to see the sun here in Central Florida. This new day begins the work of making Christs will known. To do this we must read His word, live it out and share with others in love.

This is a call for revival! Reveal Yourself Lord! Set our hearts on fire for You! Make us a people that will turn the world upside down!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Lose

I wear black today. It is not in rejoicing of a black American president, which could have been an incredibly awesome milestone for our country, but for the unborn whose lives are now in a more perilous position, and for a people who have sold their rich American heritage for a government that will enslave us with more control over our individual lives.

I grieve for our countrymen who chose to trust a man as our leader who spoke fluently but hid so much. Our new president is a man who prefers to hide behind the press that only supports his views, his true relationships with questionable anti-American men, and failing to supply the documentation that would forever silence the questions of his citizenship. He carefully allowed only the things he wanted us to know about him to be revealed. When we have something to hide we can be sure we are wrong. There are many questions left unanswered about who this man really is and what he really stands for.

It is my belief that we have now entered a new era of slavery in our great nation. We enter slavery not because President-elect Obama is part black , but because of his desire to allow government to take over what we, as citizens, should and could do for ourselves. He would want government to do our thinking and choosing for us. Government will soon become a greater task master. Sadly we have chosen this direction and we will live with the consequences.

I return to my faith that even in this God reigns! He alone is sovereign! I trust Him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Watch

To watch or not to watch; that is the question.

All indications point to this election as being a nail biter. Do I really want to stay up into the wee hours of the morning like I did the first election of President Bush? I don't really want that. Neither do I think I can sit and watch the numbers as if I were at a sporting match rooting for my team to win. There is too much at stake! In the end, will waiting until tomorrows' headlines be the sanest and least stressful way to learn the outcome of this debate of what course our country will follow?

My intent is to ignore as much as possible the hype and commentary that will cover the news in red, white and blue. The problem is that my heart has been invested in the political races from the beginning and I may find myself pulled by the magnet of hope and intense desire for the best.

As I lay my head down to sleep tonight I pray that I will find rest and peace, sweet dreams and the truth of knowing that God is sovereign and He is in control and above all He is good, wholly good no matter what the outcome of man's vote.

Monday, November 3, 2008


God is holy, wholly good.

Recently I heard someone say that we as Christians do not understand holiness, nor do we discern the holy from the unholy. I would hope this is not the case, but I do know too many Christians who fail to separate themselves from worldly pursuits and ungodly behaviors. They seem to be oblivious to what God meant when He said, "Be holy even as I am holy."

If we are to be holy as God is holy we must become wholly good. Not an easy task. In fact it is totally impossible without God leading and taking control.

I would fail miserably at any test of holiness. Along with Paul I can say that I often do what I do not want to do. I am thankful, however, that holiness is not left up to me and what I do on my own accord. Holiness is a product of surrendering to God. I am able to be holy only when I allow God's holiness to work through me. It can never be an offering I make from my own hands, heart or will.

Holiness is offered to me through the cross. Jesus made holiness available to me so that I could be holy even as He is holy. It is an awesome and humbling thought. I bow in worship and offer His holiness as my sacrifice of praise.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We have heard a lot about change lately. We are asked to vote for change and our family has been experiencing and bracing ourselves for change. Personally, I am going through a bible study that calls for change!

Everything changes. I spoke those words in my vows to my dear Patrick on our wedding day and every anniversary since. It seems that the words ring truer than ever.

It matters little who gets the vote, we will experience a difference in the political climate. No matter how hard we try to keep the family the same as it has always been, there will be change due to weddings, births, funerals, and moves. Whenever we make plans for our future we are expecting change. Most importantly, when I submit my will to God and take His words to heart, I change.

Change is a fact of life. We move through time and space experiencing change. I may not celebrate some changes, but I am always pleased with the difference God makes in my life when I not only read His word but do what it says. It is in those changes that I experience revival. I pray that a revival of Gods' word will sweep across our country and eventually effect change around the world!

Change, it's a good thing.