Monday, November 10, 2008

Deeper Still?

One of my deepest desires is to connect with people. I try very hard but it seems that I don't do as good a job with it as I want to do.

I don't want to talk over the weather, or frivolous activities. I want to really know people. I know I can't do that with everyone, but it seems that family would be a good place to start. I guess what I want is to have safe and sane discussions about who the person is and what they stand for. Not an easy task when our emotions get in the way.

Like my sister tells me all the time: Shallow is good! To which I respond: But can't we go just a little deeper?

The desire of my heart is fulfilled in Jesus! He lets me dive in and go as deep as I want! He is a deep well of experience and person hood that delights me! I am just waiting for another to come with me into His depths so we can share. It needs to be someone safe, where I can reveal my heart. They must also be sane, truly seeking truth. This will be a person of accountability, fun, and spiritual pursuits.

Maybe I ask too much. Maybe God is enough!
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