Monday, November 3, 2008


God is holy, wholly good.

Recently I heard someone say that we as Christians do not understand holiness, nor do we discern the holy from the unholy. I would hope this is not the case, but I do know too many Christians who fail to separate themselves from worldly pursuits and ungodly behaviors. They seem to be oblivious to what God meant when He said, "Be holy even as I am holy."

If we are to be holy as God is holy we must become wholly good. Not an easy task. In fact it is totally impossible without God leading and taking control.

I would fail miserably at any test of holiness. Along with Paul I can say that I often do what I do not want to do. I am thankful, however, that holiness is not left up to me and what I do on my own accord. Holiness is a product of surrendering to God. I am able to be holy only when I allow God's holiness to work through me. It can never be an offering I make from my own hands, heart or will.

Holiness is offered to me through the cross. Jesus made holiness available to me so that I could be holy even as He is holy. It is an awesome and humbling thought. I bow in worship and offer His holiness as my sacrifice of praise.
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