Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Season

We are now full into the holiday season. It is called a holiday season for good reason. The days between Thanksgiving and January 6 (Celebration of the Magi's visit) is a continuous stream of special times commemorating God's presence in our world. It is a season for us to focus on our relationship to God and each other. Of course this should carry on throughout the year but we renew our commitment during this special time.

It is a "holiday" season not because of vacation or a rest from our work. It is a holiday because it is a season of holy days. In fact the word holiday stems from "holy day." For this reason I am not offended to say "Happy Holidays!" I enjoy reminding others that it is a holy season.

Could it be that my life season should also be a "Holiday?" Can I make of my life a season of holiness, where I give glory and honor to the Holy One? I pray my life will be a celebration of Jesus and His work in and through me. Day by day may I walk in a holy season of celebration!
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