Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Many people have been an encouragement and aid to me as I have traveled through time. There was a time when I tried to list everyone who had touched my life even briefly. Impossible task though it was, it did make me aware of the connection I have with all people and the influence I may have on others.

I began my list with my birth and never got further than that. In my birth we begin with my Mom and Dad, but with them came a host of relatives and others who had been instrumental in my parents' marriage. I could go on into the far past with my life being touched by those who had poured a little bit of their lives into mine even though I was far removed from them.

Because of the overwhelming number of people I could not name that gently moved to help me be who I am today, I decided to limit the list to those whom I could name. That too became overwhelming. Doctors, friends, school mates, priests and nuns, were only a few I could name.

The lesson is that we are not an island alone in a sea of unending horizons. We are influenced, helped, loved, and molded by those around us and by those who influence the people who touch us! Complicated? Yes. The beauty of it all lies in our Great and awesome Father who has provided this vast array of personalities, colors, ages and beliefs to reveal Himself to us!

Thank You, Father, for allowing the touch of others to push me closer to You!
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