Friday, November 14, 2008


Within a cocoon, a caterpillar is transformed. Mysteriously a hairy looking, fat worm that slowly marches toward a feast of leaves at the top of the tree, changes form. Little resemblance is found between the sleek and beautifully winged butterfly and its former self.

When the time is right God instructs the tiny caterpillar to build a protective covering around himself. Then the little caterpillar goes to sleep while God perfects who the little butterfly was always meant to be. Finally the struggle begins. The butterfly is awakened and pushes and stretches till the cocoon breaks open and the butterfly is free to fly away!

Could it be that I, too, am living the process of the butterfly? Could I be struggling to finally be free of my old way of doing things? I want that to be the case. I want to find a new way of being who I really am!
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