Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I find myself complaining alot these days. It seems to me that evil is running rampant and there is always something happening to family and friends that just does not seem right. Celebrating a day of Thanksgiving is a good reminder that there is much good that surrounds us. There is good to be seen in every circumstance.

Giving thanks for the good we have should be done on a regular basis, and though I complain more than I used to, I also give thanks to God more often during my day. When I see evil or experience hardship, I turn to God for help and He is always ready to guide, comfort and deliver me. For all of His work in my life I am Thankful!

Gratitude floods my being as I remember my one and only Gods' kindness and generous love, mercy and grace towards me. Life, love, beauty, joy, hope, and so much more! He gives and I am filled

I pray you enjoy a fullness of gratitude in your hearts. May your thankful hearts overflow to others in generosity.
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