Saturday, November 1, 2008


We have heard a lot about change lately. We are asked to vote for change and our family has been experiencing and bracing ourselves for change. Personally, I am going through a bible study that calls for change!

Everything changes. I spoke those words in my vows to my dear Patrick on our wedding day and every anniversary since. It seems that the words ring truer than ever.

It matters little who gets the vote, we will experience a difference in the political climate. No matter how hard we try to keep the family the same as it has always been, there will be change due to weddings, births, funerals, and moves. Whenever we make plans for our future we are expecting change. Most importantly, when I submit my will to God and take His words to heart, I change.

Change is a fact of life. We move through time and space experiencing change. I may not celebrate some changes, but I am always pleased with the difference God makes in my life when I not only read His word but do what it says. It is in those changes that I experience revival. I pray that a revival of Gods' word will sweep across our country and eventually effect change around the world!

Change, it's a good thing.
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