Friday, October 31, 2008


Intimacy begins in the mind. It is our mind that makes the choices that govern our actions.

As a wife I am responsible to channel my thoughts towards my husband. My husband is to channel his thoughts towards me. Sometimes this takes effort. Sometimes it flows naturally.

When I have been offended or hurt by my darling husband (Yes, it does happen occasionally) it takes effort to turn my thoughts to him in a positive and loving way. The hurt can be forgiven immediately, but there are times when the the hurt leaves a wound that needs time to heal. It is a tenuous time while tending to the wound. Will he wait for the wound to heal? Will he find me cold and unwilling to get things back to our normal loving and intimate relationship, when in reality I am working hard to get back what was lost? I must believe he is questioning the same!

Of course there are times when we are in sync! We flow towards each other without effort. We desire to open ourselves and become vulnerable. We have no fear of being hurt because we trust and love one another completely. In these moments we have no questions as to the others intentions or commitment. We do not wonder if we understand each other. We know that we do.

I do wish there were never times when we close ourselves to each other out of fear of being hurt, but in this fallen world it happens much too often. The truth is that love remains. Love is strong between us because God is in our lives and God is love! It is Gods' love that draws me back to loving even when I hurt. It is Gods' love that binds us together.

Today is always a new day to work on healing the wounds and to turn our thoughts towards the other in love. Tomorrow things may flow because of the work we do today! Romance will come!
I see its sparkling shimmer just around the corner! I hope you do too!
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