Thursday, October 2, 2008


Interruptions are frustrating. I just had a big interruption and it changed my whole direction. OOPS! There comes another one! They come like commercials during a really captivating show. Sometimes one after another, sometimes it is only one. Either way they distract and confuse.

It does help to own an attitude of acceptance and flexibility when dealing with interruptions. I can even remember that whatever happens to me will be used for good in my life. I can also remember that sometimes I am the interrupter! I can be the irritant to someone else. If I want others to forgive my hindrances in their day, then I must do the same.

I won't ask that interruptions come, but I will not allow them to make life miserable. I won't promise never to interrupt you, but I'll try to be more considerate. Maybe we can make something useful from those pesky pauses to our work and our plans!
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