Friday, October 17, 2008


This morning I stood in line to renew my drivers' licence. It was not a long wait and the clerk was friendly. My photo is typical of Drivers license photos. Yuck!

On the way home I saw a man fishing and wondered if he had a license to fish, and so, I began to consider the word "license." It means to allow or permit, to be permitted. A license gives authority or freedom to do something. Permission can be given verbally or written. Today I carried home my written permission to continue driving.

This takes me back to past blogs where I have stated that freedom has boundaries. In order to be free to drive, I must gain permission. If I break the rules of the road I will find my freedom to drive hindered in some way. Of course there are those who seem to get away with not following the rules, but eventually they will reap what they sow.

Living with license carries responsibility. Living without license (permission) can bring a thrill but it also comes with the fear of being found out and penalties if caught. I prefer to manage my license with accepting the responsibilities that go with it .

God has given each of us license in our free will. We choose to live within the safety of His will or we can climb that fence and live in eternal danger. It is our choice.

License . Freedom. Permission. These words do not hinder but offer adventure and excitement without fear.
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