Sunday, October 12, 2008


When will we as Christians really live our lives as we believe? When will God really be enough for us?

We sing songs praising God for being everything we need. We claim that God alone is sufficient for every circumstance. Yet, we rarely live day to day in the reality of that truth.

I am notorious for putting importance on people and things over God. Oh, I know that is hard for you to hear. I shouldn't be admitting to this but it is the truth. I live my life and make decisions based on my unspoken belief that I need my relationships in order to be happy. I need "things" in order to be fulfilled.

I don't want to be that way, and my head knows that it is not true. I know from my studies that God is enough to make me satisfied, but I fall short of living the ideal. I want to make God my source of strength and fulfillment. I am better than I have been in the past, but I still have a way to go.

I am reaching for that goal one day at a time, and sometimes one hour at a time. I fall short of my goal often but there will be a day when my all sufficient God will be MORE than enough for me! Will you come join me in searching for the treasure that will finally be enough!?
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