Thursday, October 30, 2008


My thoughts today keep returning to a very sad question. Why? Why do people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ decide to accept the leadership of a man (or woman) who would willingly agree to killing a baby just because no one seems to want it? Just now I even had a hard time writing the word "It" to describe a human life.

It seems obvious to me that God wants the child to exist. He has imparted life to the baby and has made special plans for that baby. How can we as a society agree to the extermination of anyone, prebirth or in old age or simply not living a life we deem useful? As Christians shouldn't we submit ourselves to God's will?

I have spoken to a few people who profess to be Christians, but have decided that it matters not that the candidate they support for president would allow all manner of exterminating the life of a child if the mother wants to be rid of her responsibility. I am sorry friends. I cannot see your reasoning. Can you forget the silent tears of the murdered children while you cheer the man? Can you forget the tears of those who would gladly care for those children while you cheer on the economic policy over the morality of the man?

Today, I cry also. I cry for the unborn, the childless couples, the guilty moms, and I cry for you who have shut your ears to the cries. Father! Hear my cry and turn our hearts back to You!
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