Saturday, October 18, 2008


How do you imagine the near future? I mean, how do you think about the upcoming weeks or months. If you close your eyes do you see a list, calendar, or some other image?

I see my future as a giant calendar page. I am standing on today and I can look forward into the upcoming weeks or backward looking over the past with all my happenings neatly scratched off.

Recently I have had an interesting twist to my calendar vision. As I look forward I see my birthday coming up. Nothing really unusual about that. Looking past my birthday to the week after, my calendar is no longer flat. It seems there is a big wall of days. It is hard to tell the cause of this phenomenon. Is the calendar a vision or dream that is revealing something to me? Is it a blockage or a step up?

It has been a matter for prayer because only my Heavenly Father knows my future and I lay it into His hands.
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