Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free Speech

As I listened to the presidential debate last night I was struck by something that hit a note with me. Maybe you heard it too.

I do not know anyone who likes others to speak for them if they are able to express their thoughts themselves. It was a bit disturbing that Obama seemed to answer every question only partially for himself but wholeheartedly for McCain! He would offer a vague answer for his reply and then go into great detail as to McCain's' stance on the issue.

I was looking for Obama's true message and it seems he does have one. He is ready to tell everyone what everyone else is doing wrong. His message is I am right because I don't do anything!

I don't like all the politics going on right now. I fear for our country. I have been praying for God to turn the hearts of our citizens back to Him and away from the god of money and fame. I know of many who like Obama and even consider that he is our last hope. I think he even thinks so. I am drawn to McCain's' humility. I am repulsed by Obama's pride. I need no other king but King Jesus!

I am taking a stand right now. If Obama is elected as the next president I will not bow down to his reign as if he were a king or a god. He will be given presidential acknowledgements and I will of course pray for him and the decisions he will make, but I will not allow him or any elected official to rescind my rights without a fight.

This is my humble (or maybe not so humble) opinion. I do not agree totally with McCain but I will stand against anyone who seems to think he speaks for everyone. I do not want others to speak for me! God, Himself, offers me that freedom!
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