Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its the Pits

I heard Beth Moore talking about getting out of a pit. She has written a book along those lines but I have not read it yet. Maybe I should. It seems that we all need to get out of a pit at one time or another.

Beth Moore said that we can accidentally fall into a pit, be pushed in, or we can deliberately walk in. She also said that we need help to get out of our pits, no matter how we got into them. Sometimes we just need God, other times we need a friend and then there can be times when we need professional help. Helping someone out of a pit is a good thing! Being helped out of our own pit is wonderful too.

I am in a pit that kind of snuck up on me but that I also chose to walk into by making some unwise decisions. I have just reached out for help from a friend. And I am helping her too.

Helpers bring hope and truth and shoulders to cry on. They are our reason to keep going....because we don't want to let them down!

Today I am giving thanks to God for my helper! I know we can do it! We will succeed. We will find our way out! My helper is strong for me and I am strong for her and God is on our side...if God is for us who can be against us?
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