Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Birthday About Me

Do you remember your 7th birthday? I do. I remember it being a day filled with sevens. I won a prize because I drew a lucky number seven. I visited a children's' TV program where I was seventh in line to walk the plank of the pirate ship. I had seven candles. It seems it is a big year for little ones. It certainly is one that I remember in a big way.

At seven we seem to finally understand what birthdays are all about. They are all about ME! Birthdays are not about the Mom who carried me for nine months or about the hours of labor and pain it took to bring me into the world. It is not about Dad who paid for all or most of the bill. It is not about the friends and family who brought gifts. It is about me, the one who just happened to show up on that date!

Okay, so I'm not 7 but my granddaughter is. It has been a big day for her! She has told each of us what she expects for her birthday. She wanted everything to be all about her. She made sure she had a celebration fit for her. Aren't we all a bit that way? Even if we say "no birthday this year" aren't we making the day ours in a back handed way? We choose to tell others that they are not allowed to celebrate even if they want.

I want to celebrate my birthday too. It is coming in a few days. I may not be as demanding , or extravagant as my granddaughter but I want a celebration just the same. It will be a celebration of life. My life has been so blessed. God has given me life through my parents and the fullness of life through family and friends. I hope to celebrate my life in a way that God will be magnified. My birthday will be about me. It will be about me living life the way God intended, maybe not perfectly, but certainly with a willing and celebratory spirit.

My dear little sweet Brooke, Happy 7th birthday! Today it is all about you! Be blessed!
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