Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

Today I can't seem to put a finger on what to write about so here are some random thoughts going through my head.

My son turns 28 today. He is a good man. It seems as if the difference in age between us is growing shorter. I don't feel as old as I am or as old as his Mom should be! Happy birthday, David!

It seems odd to me that most people I talked to this past week were surprised that I had mixed feelings about my son, Joseph, moving to Colorado. Seems I shouldn't want to have him near. I shouldn't be sad about not seeing him on a regular basis. The thing that surprises me is that they don't understand how much fun our family has together and how much we like being close! Of course these are people who don't know us well, so I guess if they haven't experienced this bond then they couldn't understand. I will miss him. He had a hard time pulling away also! He, too, had mixed emotions! Our family is just like that. We really do like each other!

Politics is evoking in me strong emotions and fervent prayers. I believe it is the same for most Americans. I know how my vote will go. What I do not know, is which way the country will vote. It seems as if we are in the dating period of getting to know the candidates. For me, I like one more than the other, but don't like everything my favorite says, does or stands for. Come November 4 the country will decide which candidate to whom we will be betrothed. Then January will be the official ceremony that will wed us to the leadership of that man for the next four years. I am certain that either way, we will find our country more divided than ever before! We already are!

I am reminded of Jesus' prayer that His followers would be in unity. Oh, may we find a way to be unified in spirit. The world is on the brink of something new. The signs are there. Christ's followers must pray and seek His face. We must walk humbly before our God. Most importantly we must look to our own hearts to examine our selves. Whatever we find that goes against God's standard is wickedness. We must turn back toward Him and repent of those wicked ways.

So what does God stand for? It is all found in the scriptures. What do we stand for? It is found in our checkbooks, our daily schedules, our leisure activities, etc.

Lord, show me Your ways! Give me strength to do Your will even if it is against the world. Stay near me, Lord, for you alone are my rock! May I conform to Your will in all things.
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