Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let Us Pray!

Praying for our leaders is commanded by God. How should we pray? There is a scripture that tells us not only to pray but how to pray.

I Timothy 2:2 tells us that we are to pray, "that we may live peaceful and quiet lives, in all godliness and holiness." The question arises, what do we need in order to live peaceful, quiet, godly and holy lives?

Our authorities must protect us from foreign enemies, keep watch over us by reining in those who would do evil, give us freedom to toil and strive for prosperity, allow us to worship without restraint, and protect our God given rights. In all of that I believe that our leaders must live their lives and rule with our values. But, even so, we must pray. God is sovereign over all and He will direct our lives in peace, and holiness.

Prayer will bring us peace in our hearts and quiet our thoughts so we might see Gods' workings. Prayer will connect us with the God who sent His Spirit into us and teaches us the ways of godly and holy living.

Let us pray!
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