Sunday, November 23, 2008


Partnering with God is an experience that can leave you speechless and fill you with awe!

In a special project our family cooperated with God. We did a lot of work. Our plan included expectations that we thought were reasonable. God exceeded those expectations giving us seven times what we envisioned! WOW!

Today as I sat down and looked at the results I was totally in awe of what God can dowith our cooperation and miniscule offerings. Our family has had a loaves and fishes miracle. We emptied ourselves and in turn we have been filled with HIM! He is our treasure and our delight. He is our reward and joy.

In the next few weeks we will complete our project and those who receive will be blessed, but we will carry our blessing for a lifetime. God is a prosperous business partner. I want to work with Him every day!
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