Monday, December 1, 2008


What potential do I possess? That is a question posed to me during church yesterday. It got me to thinking.

The word potential implies a possible power. Within each of us God has placed a possibility to do something. We possess a power within us that can make a difference in the lives of others if only it is released. We each have potential!

What is my potential? I have had moments when I was certain, but most often I struggle to not only find my potential but to experience it! I guess the experiencing is most important. It is in the doing that potential is transformed into power. In the release it is no longer a possibility but a sure thing!

Recently a couple of young people have approached me about their potential. They are searching for their power and purpose. I had to admit that I, too, am searching again for my power and purpose, my potential. So how are we to find it? Prayer is a wonderful beginning. After prayer we should push through our doubts and fears and practice what we know we are able to do. In that practicing we may peer into our potential and release the power inside of us, the power of God that is unique to us.

It is time to pray, push through, and practice. May our steps of faith provide the spark that will ignite our potential into the power You, Lord, have given me. May the world know You through me!
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