Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stepping Away from Procrastination.

I am trying to tie up some loose ends before the number on the end of the years' date changes. Paying a last bill for the year, getting a letter out to loved ones, and walking through my memories so I know where I've been and if I need to change direction.Loose ends do not always tie up in a neat bow.

Sometimes loose ends end up being a jumble of knots and straggling hairs! It doesn't matter what they look like but though some can carry on into the new path, others demand an accounting. For me, I like to start the New Year fresh, with a tidy beginning.

The problem lies with procrastination. The longer I put things off, the harder it is to step onto an uncluttered path that has a plan. I suppose I'd better close this blog and get busy with some of those knots! Hope you are able to do the same!
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