Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Light Saga

We've had a little bit of trouble with our outside Christmas lights this year. They would go on for a short time then blink out, either one side of the house or the other. It makes the house decorations look unfinished and really quite sad.

I envied the houses I went past that were shining and well decked out. It made my poor little display a pitiful sight. I did, however, see a lesson in all of the lights on, lights off drama.

Throughout my day I can shine the light of Christ or I can blink it off letting it hide behind a shadow of anger or ill thoughts towards others. My light can shine before men as a beacon of Gods' glory or I can shut it off to await a moment when I am the one who is shined upon. It is my choice.

A little wiggle of the wires can make the lights awaken and my home to brighten up and reflect the joy that Christmas is all about. It is the same with me. A little twist of my thoughts in the right direction can spark the flame and let my light shine brighter. I would guess that connecting my lights to the source of true light would keep them shining brightly all day long. Oh, that I would run to fix the connection before it is interrupted!
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