Friday, December 5, 2008

Homemade Sparkles!

I am up to my ears in glitter and warm fuzzy fur! Yes, I am creating gifts. I do it not only in lean times but in prosperous times as well. I sometimes think my homemade gifts are not well received. That makes me sad and yet I still give gifts that comes from my own hands, heart and imagination.

Homemade is a warm and inviting word but I find that my humanness is drawn to the glitter and warm fuzzies of gifts made on an assembly line with no heart. My soul and spirit, however, long for the gift that touches my heart. Christmas could be a homemade celebration with just a little glitz and cozy touches if only I would change my heart. Would it then feel more like the first Christmas?

The picture of a tiny newborn sleeping in a manger is a vision of heavenly homemade gift. God gave us a present of the most wondrous kind and asked a simple maiden to deliver Him to the world. how do I receive this gift? Would I prefer a powerful miracle worker? Can I find pleasure and satisfaction in the love-created gift of Jesus in a manger and dying on a cross?
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