Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tree Lights

I have spent the last three days trying to get my Christmas tree decorated. I've really been just working on getting the hundreds of multicolored lights up and running. I still have about a fourth of the tree left to cover, then we begin hanging the ornaments.

Our tree is lovely to look at and for me it also is symbolic of the body of Christ that glitters with the light of Christ radiating from each person. The tree symbolizes Christs death on a cross, but for me it also is a visual of all believers who come to the cross to find the hope of salvation. It is ever green for our hope of everlasting life. It is shaped to point us to the heavens where our God rules and reigns! Christmas trees are a beautiful reminder that Jesus will return to gather His own to Him.

We can only wait for the second advent by keeping watch. It is time to ready ourselves. It is time to celebrate the past coming of the infant Jesus and wait in expectant hope for our Victorious King!

The time dedicated to decorating the tree can become an act of worship. May God be glorified in my thoughts and in my actions as I joyfully share the witness of a holy Christmas symbol.
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