Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wish List

Last night I walked all over Walmart to see if I could get ideas for my husbands Christmas gift. I saw some things that I would like to give him but not knowing to what he would give preference made me hesitate. I have asked him to at least give me some clue as to what he would want. He asked me to do the same. It seems to me that after 35 years of marriage we could think of something on our own. I guess what we have learned over those years is that it is wise to ask!

Wish lists were the inspiration for the sermon on Sunday too! What do we wish for from God? A burning bush experience? An angel messenger? A meeting on a Damascus road? Oh that we would wish for the word of God to come alive in our lives! WOW!

Sadly most church going people would prefer that God would stay in His heaven rather than to come close and cause them to change their ways. Jesus did enter our space and continues to ask all people to change. He wants us to believe in His goodness and His love. He wants us to change directions. We must turn away from our selfish desires and follow Him.

Your coming into my space, Lord, confronts me just as the burning bush for Moses, the angel for Mary and the vision of You for Paul. Your Christmas coming continues to challenge me! I wish I will always say "Yes!" to You. I wish Your presence would always be very real to me! May I share Christmas with others every day! Thank You for making Your word come alive in me through Your word!
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