Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Boys

Watching my 7 month old grandboy, Scott, three times a week gives me a new perspective of God coming to earth as a baby.

The beginnings of life must have been restrictive, to say the very least, for the Almighty God of the universe! Within the confines of a tiny body God wondered at His own creation! He admired the workings of a tiny hand and enjoyed playing with his wee little toes. His mouth explored whatever Mary would allow Him to chew and He savored the pleasures of warm milk from her breast to calm the grumblings of His tummy.

Come to think of it, maybe, just maybe, God did not feel restricted at all. Maybe God knew that the universe not only expanded outward from our human bodies but also inward. I imagine God filled with joy and an ever deepening love for us as He lifted His head, rolled over, sat, crawled and walked for the very first time. Yes, He must have admired His own work and was pleased to again call it good! He must have been delighted to be in a temple in which He would one day reside.

God coming as a baby is a powerful reminder that life is precious and glorious.
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