Monday, December 29, 2008

Party Time?

Will you be going to a party for New Years? I will be manning a fireworks tent with my husband. We never were big party goers. I remember only one really big party we attended over the years. I do enjoy celebrating the incoming year in my own way.

I like to ceremonially write out my goals and review the ones from the past year. It doesn't take that long but it brings a sense of completion and satisfaction. I feel joy and peace as I sit before Gods' throne and discuss my life.

I also enjoy sitting down with my husband and sharing with him the goals I want to achieve. I always hope he will let me in on his plans too!

My party is a party of three. God, me and my husband. It is a great time! But if you would invite me to your party, I'd be glad to arrange my schedule and come celebrate with you!
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