Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ready or Not

Ready or not He will come! The world wasn't really ready to receive Jesus when He was born in the stable. We probably will not be ready when He arrives for the second time. SURPRISE!!

Do you like surprises? For me it depends on if I am prepared to be surprised. Yes, I know that sounds like no surprise, but it can be. I am always on guard for birthday, anniversary or Mother's day surprises. I prepare myself for the unexpected and then enjoy the moment when it comes. Every day type surprises catch me off guard and I would prefer they never happen.

Ordinary day surprises make the day very extraordinary, like the snake in the trash can, or being side swiped by a hit and run driver. but then there are surprises in my ordinary days that take my breath away and lift my spirits and my praises to God. I am prepared to see a sunset/sunrise but when it is spectacular I am surprised! I expect to see the moon but when it is an enormous pearl in the night sky I am surprised! When I prepare myself to do the right thing for someone else I am surprised to find the gift of joy for myself.

I am prepared for Jesus' return to earth but it will be a great surprise! Just as He came as a baby His arrival will be an ordinary day that will turn extraordinary!

Surprise me, Lord! Like Simeon and Anna, let me see Your coming! I will prepare myself every day for the surprise of You in my life!
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