Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Review

Looking backwards is not always easy, especially if you want to watch where you are going. The only exception might be when we are looking forward into a new year. It is then that we might look back over the past year and take stock of our progress toward our goals, our growth in character and wisdom, and the direction our lives are taking.

Looking backwards can be tricky. Rear view mirrors do not always give a proper perspective, so it is important to take an honest, face to face look at yourself as you truly were in the days of the past year. sometimes my vision of the past is not too pleasant. I don't like some of the snapshots of my memories. but then there are also times of joy and blessing and some of those came because I chose to do the right thing. Either way, I am guided by those memories, to turn onto a new path, or to stay firm.

I'll be reviewing 2008 like the networks review the year, but this will be a personal reflection for my future goals. I want 2009 to look better that 2008! It will take hard work and awareness. It will be a year of trusting God and not myself to complete the good work He wants to do in me. Let get going!
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