Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fully God, Fully Man

From the beginning, Jesus was fully God and fully man. I wonder how that worked? Did He empty himself of all knowledge of who He was until a certain time? Or did He remain so totally in control that He was able to say "No" to His God-ness?

His words seemed so aware of His position in the God head that it seems impossible that He did not know who He really was, but then He would not have lived the life of a human to the full extent being tempted as we are would He?Such things are my ponderings of his coming as a baby. Will there be similar ponderings when He returns? Will I wonder if His humanness will be so overshadowed by His God-ness? Such a mystery!

Oh, Lord, my Savior, the only true God and true man, You are a mystery that must be pondered. You truly deserve my minds' meditation! Though I may never find the depths of you, may I forever seek to know You more!
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