Saturday, December 6, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

Yes, there is a Santa. I believe he lives in heaven because he believed in Jesus as his savior. He was Bishop Nicholas. He had a generous spirit and loved children. It is a bit sad that his memory is now limited to a fantasy man who indulges children and adults with their every desire.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good Santa movie, song and pretending with children. My imagination comes alive by the idea of a toy land workshop and cheerful giving to all children. There is still much good that can be gleaned from the fantasy of Santa. But there can be so much more to learn from the real man.

From my readings about him, he was a humble man. He had a heart for the poor and yet he insisted that poverty was no excuse for bad behavior. He spread the good news of the gospel by his actions of grace filled giving. He did it all not for his own glory but for the glory of God.

Santa is someone we can emulate. We should be balanced givers and generous to the poor. December 6th is the day he is honored and hopefully God is glorified in the remembering of Saint Nicholas' life!
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