Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Expectations

Expectations have climaxed! Tonight is the night! Christmas is here and little children await with excitement for all they have dreamed about. It isn't just children who wait with nervous expectation. Adults look for the wonder of Christmas too.

We all want to know that someone cares. Is there a Santa in my life? Is there really a God who cared enough to come to earth for me? Does anyone really love me? Christmas is a time when those questions may or may not be answered to our satisfaction.

Will our dear one remember me with a special gift or will they fall short of my expectations? Will Santa really come to every good little girl and boy or will there be a few who are overlooked because no one noticed? The only true expectation that has been fully met is the expectation of a Messiah. Jesus did come. He lived and died to give us back what we lost through our sin.

Christmas fills our deepest expectations. We may not know what those might be but in Jesus Christ we are loved, ransomed and fulfilled completely!

Tonight is a night when your expectations can be met. You can know the fullness of His love, His grace, His gift of eternal life! All you need to do is ask and believe. He only waits to hear your request.
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