Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Page

Today begins a new page of history. Yes, I know it is the same every day but today being January 1, 2009, the world recognizes the change.

For me, I see myself writing a few new stories of my life. It is interesting that you, too, are writing the stories of your life. Though we choose our own stories we also bring in others stories into our own. Your story is a part of mine just as my story is a part of yours. To me that is an amazingly delightful thought!

God is part of our stories as well. He is there even if we fail to acknowledge Him. I am happy to have Him in my story. Because He is such a big part of my story He is also in your story (If you are part of mine!)

2009 is a year when I choose to share His story and my story as often as I am able! I want to tell all about Him and who He is in my life!

Happy New Year! The story begins anew!
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