Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love Song

Today I listened to Kenny Rogers crooning away all my favorite love songs. Listening to the words as he sang, and thinking of couples in my life that have loved deeply, made me cry. I allowed my tears to flow thinking of Gods' love for me and how He has given me so much. Tears ran down my cheeks as I remembered those who had lost the love of their lives. My heart broke into sobs as I realized my desire to finish life filled with love for the man I have given my heart and life. I prayed the love songs back to my Lord, and allowed the words to speak to my heart what I know God whispers to me.

Then, as if he heard my heart, Patrick came to dance with me. He held me in his arms and allowed my tears to wash away my longings. He stood tall and offered his strength to me. He was my man, my husband, my love. My love song will always be played for him. Our love will always be offered to our Lord as one.

Yes, I am a romantic! I love being romanced by My Lord, and I love being romanced by my husband. I even love being romanced by a love song.
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