Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life Hangs in the Balance

Our neighbor is on the verge of dying. He has lived a full life and it seems his time here on earth is nearly over. Death does not wait for the long lived. The past few weeks we have heard of friends and acquaintances, young and old, taking the step into eternity.

No matter what our age we have no guarantee that our next breath will come. Today we may be balanced on the edge of eternity.

Eternity is a word that we cannot fully understand. It is a long long time and yet we cannot comprehend its length because it has no end.

I am convinced that heaven and hell are real. It is important to know that we choose where we will reside after we step through the doors of eternity. I am trusting Jesus to provide my entrance into Heaven. He is the only one who offers to let me in without my own perfection.

My neighbor is trusting Jesus as well, but some of those who have left this world trusted in themselves, their works, or failed to believe that eternity was real. The balance of our lives could be one breath away! The question arises, how will we make it into a perfect place if we have not yet reached perfection? Jesus offers His perfection as a free gift to anyone who wants it. I do! How about you?
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