Thursday, January 15, 2009

Answered/Unanswered Prayer

Two days ago I had a call from my friend. She was very excited and relieved and happy all rolled into a mass of emotion. I at first was not sure if she was happy or upset from the sound of her wild emotions.

I came to find out that God had answered one of her prayers. This prayer was a huge request and if the answer had gone in the other direction there would have been dire consequences. But God said "So be it" to her request and so she called to let me know. I was thrilled for HER.

The problem was that I've had a similar circumstance and God has repeatedly told me "Not yet." So along with my joy for my friend I tasted a tad of bitterness that my prayer had gone on so much longer than hers, and my prayer has not yet been answered. I am sad for my family and happy for hers. I have a heart full of questions with no answers. I want what she has received!

I do not take anything away from their relief and joy, and I truly do join with them in their praises. I only hope that my answer will soon be, "So be it."
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