Friday, January 9, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

We all sport an attitude. It may change during the workings of the day, but we bring an attitude into every conversation and action.

All attitudes cause that ripple effect of changing attitudes in others. If we have a good attitude or a bad one we will influence the attitudes of others. They may not take on our particular mood but theirs will be affected. If they keep a happy mood when we present them with a sour disposition, it is only because they are working harder.

An amazing fact is that we can control our attitudes! We choose to look at the silver lining behind the storm clouds, hold up a bright umbrella or we get soaked by the storm and drown in self pity.

Where am I today? I am looking for the silver lining and the bright umbrella. I'm getting a little bit of the sprinkles from the storm but I am on my way to putting a smile on my face! I hope it helps you to smile too!
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