Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission: Obedience

My mission for God is to obey! It is not for me to manipulate the outcome so I will get patted on the back, or rewarded for the success of the project. Obedience, plain and simple is the goal.

This is a strange thought to most of us. I guess we figure if God gives us an assignment we should make sure that it turns out right! The problem with that kind of thinking is that it places us in the drivers seat and puts God on the sidelines. The truth is that whatever mission God sends us to do is His mission and we are just an instrument in accomplishing the task He has assigned us.

Ultimately my success in the eyes of God is my obedience, not the finished result. My answer to the Lords' call and the follow through with complete obedience will reward me with His words, "Well done!"

It may be hard to leave the control in His hands but then sometimes just obeying Him is enough. Today does have enough trouble of its own! Those little steps He asks me to make could be steps of faith that in looking back weren't so little after all.

Mission: obedience.....I accept!
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