Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Friends

Gods' word reminds us more than once that choosing good friends is an important way to live a life that will be rewarded. Finding good friends is not always an easy task, but certainly one that is rewarding in the end.

Sometimes when we find someone we like and draw close to them, it becomes easy to see their faults. We then must decide if that is a reason for holding them afar or even removing them from the friend list. Since we all have failures and rough spots in our character, we should look for someone who can help us smooth out those rough patches. Then we can smooth out theirs. That is a good friend.

A good friend sticks around when they see our ugly ways. They commit themselves to helping us overcome. They want us to become the best person we can be. A good friend doesn't run away. A good friend is honest in a loving way. A good friend allows us to be those things for them.

"To have a friend you need to be a friend" is a true statement. We must model the type of friendship we want, be willing to be the friend we need. Yes, it will cost us. We will pay the price in time and energy and in commitment to learning as much as we can about the person. The interest we receive back, though, is a windfall.

Friendship, good friends, are part of Gods' plan for each of us. I think I'll write a friend today and tell them how much they mean to me!
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