Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taking the Time

Take time to enjoy a sunset or sunrise. Yesterday my granddaughters were out playing and ran in excitedly yelling at me. "Grommers! You have to come see the sky!" They were so excited that I didn't hesitate but grabbed a jacket and headed outside.

WOW! It was magnificent! I immediately shouted out to God. I praised Him for the beauty and the wonderful blessing it was to see His light shine. I then ran in side to get my camera.

The neighbor kids heard me praising God and asked what that was all about. My granddaughter Paige explained it to them and they then joined me in telling God how beautiful He painted the sky! What joy to hear little ones shout his praise!

What are you taking time to do? Maybe enjoying God's majestic creation of your body? Or maybe taking time to read His word and discovering the treasure that lies within each verse!

Take time! It is a gift.
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