Sunday, September 7, 2008

Giving Big

I am so proud of my family! This is the time of year that we usually gather to plan our Christmas giving: pulling names or setting up an exchange of some sort. This year is different. We are planning a big gift for a needy family, a service project and a possible gift box for a service man serving in Iraq.

Over the next few months we will be having fund raisers, a yard sale, and possibly some crafts to sell. In Colorado we have a connection that will be taking some of the proceeds from the sale of Indiana Jones DVDs to give to our cause. One member of our group has been doing laundry for her daughter for a price. Today the excitement is growing!

Here's a challenge for you: Plan a "Big Gift" of your own! You just may find that in the giving you receive the biggest gift of all! You certainly won't miss not opening a gift if you have the right heart! I guarantee you will have a Blessed Christmas, Happy Holiday and new vision of your neighbor!
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