Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am changing. I am not only getting older and finding that old age creeping into my bones, but I am also changing in the way I live life. This includes physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

The change I find most disturbing and disruptive to my everyday life is the change in relationships. Children becoming adults, grandchildren, (empty nest/open nest), a retirement minded husband, aged mother, far away siblings, fickle friendships, and that love/hate relationship with myself all add to the mix of my changing and deepening relationship with God. Without the change in my relationship with God I am certain all the others would fall to pieces.

In truth, my exchanges with God are the reason for some of the changes with others. He is working on me. He wants change in how I relate to others and it is making a huge difference in my view of self, the world and my creator. I find it to be frightening sometimes, but also an extraordinary adventure! It can be lonely and yet filled with His presence.

Everything changes. I said these very words to my husband as we exchanged our wedding vows 35 years ago. Yes, everything is changing, and because I trust in a good God who sent His Son and the Holy Spirit to live in me, I am certain that the change will be for my good.

In the end I must let go, surrender to the changes that come, all the while holding on to the One who carries me through. Though He is unchanging, I can always find a new revelation of Him for the new place I find myself!
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