Monday, September 15, 2008

35 Years

Thirty five years can seem like a lifetime, or as if they have simply flown past in mere minutes. Today my husband and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with both those extremes in mind.

In our 35 years we have experienced many ups and downs of life. Our commitment to each other has brought us into commitments to families (in-laws), our children and grandchildren (and their in-laws). We have comforted each other in sorrows and have celebrated each joy that blessed one or both of us. We have cried, laughed, sighed and pondered life together, mostly on the same side. Thirty five years has been a life time for us and we look forward to the continued life we share.

As I think about that day when I walked down the aisle in my Mothers' wedding gown, I can remember details as if it were yesterday. Yes, the years have flown by. Those shared moments have gone by much too quickly. Some moments needed to linger long, leaving a deeper impression. Yet, the memories are a sweet gift allowing those times to expand and stretch over the years. Love is in the day to day remembering that I have chosen him and he has chosen me to celebrate our lives together.

The celebration continues in good times and bad, in poverty and plenty, in showers and sunshine. Today I celebrate US!
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