Monday, October 31, 2011


It has been many years, but I still remember the day a little bird flew into our porch and couldn't find his way out. The poor bird flew frantically about, bouncing into the screens and looking desperately for an opening. I don't think it helped much that the kids were excited and in trying to help by showing him the way out, They scared him into more panic. It wasn't until I brought the kids inside to watch quietly behind the window that the bird settled down and eventually found its way to the yard.

I had a frantic experience last week when I couldn't find the place I was supposed to be. Driving around and around where I THOUGHT I should be, and a few tense phone calls made my heart beat faster. I was frantic. I only wanted to forget it all and go home. It was important for me to take time, and a deep breath and ask for help from... GPS. Alas, GPS did not help and only confused me more. It was only when I set my thoughts and mind on God, who knew where I was and where I was supposed to be, that I was able to find the right place in a few minutes even though I was way off course.

Often I rely on myself, others and technology before I remember that the God who led Abraham from his homeland to the place He had planned for His people, and led the Israelites back to that promised land, could lead me to the place I am supposed to be. This is true also for my spiritual journey as well. He can lead me through my confusions, doubts, and mess ups to a greater faith and trust in him. I am so glad to know Him!

God, my Father, You created the four corners of the earth. You know every mountain and valley because your hand has formed it. You also know me, because Your hand has formed all of my parts! I forget Your love and care for me sometimes. I forget that I can call on You and trust You to take me where I need to go. Forgive me! Thank You for caring about my journeys here on this earth. Thank You for leading me safely to You at the end of this road. Thank You that You meet me along the way. I want to keep my compass set to TRUTH: You. Help me find Your way!
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