Friday, May 15, 2009

Secret Meeting

There are times when I hear God calling me to come meet with Him alone. It is like a secret meeting of lovers who just want to be together without anyone else interrupting their time together. When I respond to the invitation it is a sweet tender intimate time of sharing His beauty, grace, love and mercy.

Though I really do love these times, I find myself putting Him off because of other things that seem so pressing at the time! It is sad to know that I have missed many opportunities to have Him to myself for awhile. He wants to romance me and take me on an adventure with his all encompassing love. Why would I think anything else could be more important or more wonderful?

My Lord, You have always been faithful to pursue me, seeking me and calling to me to come and be with You. You have never failed to delight me when I have joined You in a secret meeting. I am so sorry that I say "no" at times. I should never put You in second place, but I do. Please forgive my lack of love for You who deserves it! Please don't stop calling me! Don't take Your Spirit from me! Lead me to those secret place where I can be delighted in Your goodness! I do love You Lord!
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